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Property presentation

This unique property in the middle of Sweden, can for enterprising people give many opportunities within a broad range of activities.

The property's current business consists of three integrated parts: Health care business, agriculture and forestry. The property has since 1786 been solely active as an agriculture and forestry property. An expansion of the activities took place in 1920 with a health care business. All activities, except the health care business, are still run by the owner. Sales reason is because the owner has retired.

The sale includes

The sale includes also: Kitchens and Laundry equipment. Furniture and Textiles. Carpentry and Workshop equipment with some exceptions. Most of this can be seen by visiting the website. Except for privately owned parts.

Property description

The descriptions are very detailed and includes what the buyer should know about the object.

It includes drawings and detailed information of the interior and exterior. Diagram and description of plumbing, electrical-and heating systems, are here omitted due to their extent. But available in paper documentation. The same applies to the workshops included machinery and tools.

Acquisition and other conditions

The property is classified as a special property and has favorable special tax regulations.

For questions please contact the owner via email.

A short information about the property

The property's is located in the middle of Sweden, in Ragunda parish, approximately 50 Swedish miles north from Stockholm. The nearest airports are Östersund and Sundsvall.

With the exeption of a number of farm buildings belonging to part two, are all buildings in part one gathered in one unit, which have water from a common well, municipal sewage, electricity and access roads together. The total building area is about 2035 m2 (~22000 sq.feet) with a floor surface of about 1200 m2 (~13000 sq.feet)


The property has participation ratio in some jointly roads.

The property has no financial obligations.

Additional information

The buyer gets complete operating details of the property. It includes a detailed description with photos and some GPS points of water - sewers - power lines - drains and conduits in the ground. The same applies for all valves for hot - and cold water and heating systems.

Further included is a detailed operation description for the maintenance of the heating system. Electric diagrams of all automation, surveillance cameras/alarms and interphone system are current. An operation instruction for what, should be prepared and done, before the four seasons are included, in order to facilitate the transfer of the property in the early stage.

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